Thursday, 25 August 2011

You ask, I shall answer!!

Yay!! I have a question!
Perhaps it may be from someone I actually know personally...I may even be blood related to them. Heck, I may even share the same mother and father with them! But it's my question, and I'm going to own it!!!

Dear Princess,
First off, I love your blog! It always brightens my day to see you latest post. Second, I would like to seek your nutritional guidance. Rather than a sweet tooth, I have what I call a salt tooth. You won't find me craving cookies, but I'm weak in the face of tortilla chips! I know everything is alright in moderation, but do you have any suggestions for savoury snacks that pack a bigger nutritional punch?

A salt tooth can be a very powerful thing! No salty/savoury craving can be quelled by a crunchy apple or cooling cucumber. Nothing will do the job, other than a crunchy snack with a bit of pep! I love tortilla chips too, but sometimes you know that reaching for that seventh handful is not really in your body's best interest! Here are some alternative ideas to tame that craving:

Sweet Potato hummus from choosing raw , served with veggies
Sweet potato is exploding with vitamin C (a 200g serving has 769% of your daily value! No, that was not a typo!) and also vitamin A. Chickpeas pack in more protein and fibre.

Chili Lime popcorn from mahalo
Popcorn contains more polyphenols (antioxidants) than processed tortilla chips, Cumin is a source of iron, and chili powder and lime juice provide a splash of vitamin A

Whole wheat crackers with savory herb variation from hubpages
Whole wheat flour is a source of fibre, manganese, and selenium. Dill is a source of iron, onion provides a little vitamin C, and garlic... well I just like garlic.

Roasted pumpkin seeds from All recipes
Roasted pumpkin seeds are a source of protein, iron and healthy fats.

Sour cream and onion kale chips from Oh She Glows
Kale is a superfood!! Bursting with vitamin A, vitamin C, and loads of other micronutrients, but now in chip form!

Hopefully these ideas were able to get your imagination turning for more salty/savoury snack possibilities!

Happy living,


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