Saturday, 27 August 2011

I'm so excited, I got my new Clean Eating !!!!

No, I am not a normal 18 year old, but I never claimed to be!

The first thing I made was the Beefy zucchini rolls with fresh marinara and sweet potato wedges. It tasted so good! But it wasn't do you say... nice to look at? I didn't cook the zucchini slices long enough for them to soften, so it was hard to roll them. I was too hungry to wait the extra five minutes! So I'll just show you the nice picture from the magazine, and pretend I made this one!
They did taste delicious though!

I truly love this magazine, this is a bit of a sneak peek inside it:

That last one is a healthy raspberry and brie flatbread! Who would have thought of that? Brilliant I say!

Happy living,


Anonymous said...

Yum! I love getting my food magazines in the mail...along with US Weekly and People, of course!

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