Tuesday, 23 August 2011

lunch ideas

It's time for school!!
I've been at home with the fam, enjoying a week of spledid vacation time before I head back to Montreal to get ready for university. My younger sibs are getting ready to go back to school too, and my mom is gearing up to get back into the routine of making lunches every morning.
This post shows some ways to put a spin on the classic 'sandwich' lunch to add some spice to the lunch box.
Waffle sandwich

Peanut butter and jam sushi
from bonappetit
Cookie cutter sandwich and fruit

Sandwich on a stick
And to separate those sandwiches from the snacks, reusable muffin cups are handy:

And don't forget a lunch box note! :) Avaiable here

Happy living,


Anonymous said...

The pb&j sushi is adorable!! I'm totally making that for my kids in 20 years when I have one lol (slash I'm totally making it for myself next week!)

Anonymous said...

I love the waffle sandwich idea! I was thinking of making a savory waffle and substitute that for bread. ;)


Unknown said...

Every afternoon around three i have strong desire to consume 1 pound of chocolate fudge. do you have some ideas for healthier alternatives

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