Friday, 2 September 2011

Sweeeeet Potato

I've got a new favourite food! It's sweet potato!
Not only does it taste great, but eating it makes you feel like a nutrition celebrity, considering all the health benefits:

Note: You can read this next bit, or just skip to the yummy looking pictures/recipe ideas :)

-1 cup baked sweet potato contains 769% Of the Daily recommended intake of Vitamin A
-more potassium than a banana
- it also provides Vitamin C, Manganese, dietary fibre, and Vitamin B6.
-low in sodium, very low in fat and cholesterol

And now for the show! Sweet potato recipes for whatever the mood!

Feeling sweet? 
Sweet potato brownies (clean eating)

Feeling foreign?
Sweet potato falafel (101 Cookbooks)

Feeling traditional?
Coconut Cardamom sweet potatoes (Clean Eating)

Feeling adventurous?
Sweet potato pecan burger (Cooking light)

Feeling indulgent?
Sweet potato cinnamon buns (Healthy food for living)

Feeling... like you want waffles?
Sweet potato waffles (Wellsphere)

Oh, plus interesting fact:

Purple sweet potatoes DO exist. I knew it!

Happy living,


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