Saturday, 17 September 2011


I've noticed so many people around me pouting their lower lip, sad that summer is coming to an end! I've never understood this, I loooooove fall! It's my favorite season!

Fall is a great chance to change up the flavors:

Cinnamon and nutmeg become my best friends.

Pumpkin and sweet potato, my companions.

Cranberries and apples, my fruity buddies.

Pecans and walnuts, my trusty nutty sidekicks.

I'm going to start some fall cookie baking! Some healthy alternative ideas I've found so far include:

Caramel Apple Granola Cookie, from Healthy Food for Living

Maple Cinnamon Pecan Cookies, from Rawmazing

Pumpkin Cranberry Almond Cookies, from Sparkepeople

Do you think of Fall as a downer? Do you enjoy it as much as me? Somewhere in the middle?

Happy living (and baking),



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