Thursday, 29 September 2011

Bean Salsa... Mixed Enthusiastically!

And now, dear people, I share with you a favourite...
But before I take all the credit, I want to say that I got this recipe from my mom, so props to her! Where would this world be without mothers I ask you? Without a delicious bean and veggie salsa of course! That is no world
I want to live in, and if you think the same, then read on:

 A little side note-I never like to measure this recipe, it keeps it a bit different every time!

Bean Salsa  

 (Created by mother, loved by boyfriend)

Red pepper
Green onion
Black beans

Directions (with pictures for you visual learners/ no time to read words people)

 1. Chop up red pepper, tomato, green onion.
 2. Add lime juice and garlic.
3. Mix!!!!!!! (mixing should always be done enthusiastically)
 4. Add the black beans. Also add a can of corn (You can always forget to buy some too. That's what I did, and it still tasted fine!)

And now you have a bean salsa! It's super tasty with taco chips, but my favorite is to serve it on top of chicken or fish for dinner, or eggs at breakfast.

I also bought this avocado to maybe chop up and put in the salsa...I chickened out. Yes, I was not courageous enough to put an avocado into an already trusty recipe. I'll work on my bravery issues for next time...

See just an innocent avocado!

Happy living,

P.S. Check out the cool Tropical Salsa from the sister of the princess! It's almost as cool as the girl who made it :)


Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

This salsa looks amazing! Salsa ranks right up there with one of my favorite foods!

Anonymous said...

This salsa looks tasty and easy to make! :)

Deidre said...

Yum! I love bean and corn salsa and make a very similar one to the one you've listed above. Trust me avocado is an EXCELLENT addition.

funfoodandfreeweights said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog girl!!! :) I love yours, this salsa had me drooling haha
Looking forward to reading more from ya!

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