Friday, 19 August 2011

breakfast swaps

Breakfast is good... oh so good!
But only if you absolutely love the way it tastes. Here are some easy swaps to make sure you never feel like you are sacrificing your favourite flavours during your morning meal:

Cinnamon buns
High in sugar. Comes with complimentary energy crash.

Kashi Cinnamon Harvest 
47g whole grain, low fat, high fibre, sodium free, organic. Perfect with some low fat milk and fruit.

Fruit loops  
High in sugar (not the natural kind) and 1g of each protein and fibre.

Fruit Smoothie 
Great bio availability of vitamins and antioxidants, hydrates you at the beginning of the day, easier to digest, and a great option for those who find it hard to tolerate solid foods first thing in the morning. 

Toaster waffles with syrup and butter 
 A sweet sticky stack of refined carbs and nutrient depleted fake maple syrup.

100% whole wheat toaster waffles with nut butter and berries 
Nutritious whole grains in the waffles, hunger squashing nut butter (which also provides some protein, healthy fat, magnesium and fibre), and nutrition superstar, berries!

Eggs Benedict
 A butter hollandaise sauce topping eggs and full fat ham over white English muffins.

Revamped Eggs Benedict
Yougurt-dijon hollandaise sauce over a tomato slice, 2 slices reduced sodium and fat ham, and poached egg on whole wheat English muffin, from diabetic living

Bagel with butter and jam 
Refined white flour bagel, butter, and jam with added sugar and low levels of nutrients.
Bagel with almond butter, banana, and cinnamon
A filling delicious breakfast. Whole grain bagel, potassium packed banana, and my favourite, almond butter :)

 Happy living,


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