Friday, 29 July 2011

Icing topped happiness

Maybe you've already figured out where this post is going :)

I've got cupcakes on the brain.
In fact, if it were not for my neighbours who might question my sanity, I would feel like running around like this today:
Sadly, I do not own an outfit like this, so there is no chance of that dream coming true today.

However, I still can bake some cupcakes! Firstly, I need to find a good recipe. Here are the "musts" I have for a cupcake:

1. Must not require advance dessert chef skills. Meaning the cupcakes below are kind of out of my league.

2. Must be something a tad more exciting than plain old chocolate or vanilla. Don't get me wrong, those are great flavours, but I want to try something a little new.

3. Must not be filled with ingredients that induce 'cupcake guilt.' Therefore no refined sugars, no butter, and lower fat.

4. Must taste good! No cardboardy taste allowed!

And now I journey into the cyber world of cupcakery!
Chocolate sour cream cupcakes (CleanEating)

 Banana Split Cupcakes (Ohsheglows) Vegan

Coconut carrot cupcakes (toneitup) Vegan

Hidden Gem Cupcakes (CleanEating) Vegan
I've actually made these once before, they were great!!

For when you're alone and want to treat yourself:
Pina Colada Muffin for One (Chocolatecoveredkatie) Vegan

And if you happen to be baking these muffins for children (or just want to finish your masterpiece with a flourish), you can print off these toppers from bakeitpretty:

As I head to the kitchen, I leave you with one timeless piece of advice, 

Happy living, 


Anonymous said...

I was up laaaaate last night making four kinds of cupcakes for a wedding tasting... phoey! I'm soo tired, but happy there's a leftover cupcake for me to eat when I'm home from work!

All my recipes are the opposite of what you're looking for: real sugar, butter, etc.... but PERSONALLY I much prefer a clean, healthier cupcake.

Please share which recipe you choose! The carrot coconut ones sound divine.

Eftychia said...

Your cupcakes are simply delicious and beautifully decorated. Bravo, keep the good work!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. That is the best version of the "Keep Calm" posters I have ever seen. And HAHA! That cupcake outfit! Can that be a real thing!? If so, that's amazing and I really want to be it for Halloween.

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