Sunday, 6 November 2011

Christmas list - bake, make, and celebrate


1. Make most of my Christmas gifts
Not because I'm a poor student or anything... I just want to bring out my inner craft girl OKAY!
2. Bake mini pies.
I mean common! MINI PIES!

3. Listen to Justin Bieber's new Christmas Album on repeat
...don't judge me

4. Make it a healthy Christmas

5. Catch up with all my friends by having a little gingerbread decorating soiree

6. Send out Christmas cards. 
Most importantly, find something interesting/witty to write in them

7. Make Santa Hat brownies
Because Christmas only happens once a year!

Happy living, 


Lauren @ Sugar Coated Sisters said...

Amelia these are great ideas!! I really want to make Christmas gifts for everyone this year too! And I'll mix it up with Buble's xmas album and Bieber's!

Ashley said...

Love these! The healthy Christmas tree looks great and so do the gingerbread cookies!

Kim @ Eat, Live, and Blog said...

I love all of those ideas! The mini pies look so cute! :) said...

I love your list! All terrific ideas. I want to try to bring out my crafty side this year, too! And Bieber's holiday album is definitely on my holiday playlist as well. No shame! :)

Hayley @ Oat Couture said...

Those Santa Hat Brownies are too cute! Although far too mini sized, there is a big chance I may have inhaled them all before anyone else gets a look in! :D

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