Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hallelujah!! Vega Sport's new line!!

Today I was perusing my local health food store, when I noticed something...

When I passed the shelf of Vega products, some of the labels looked different... my heart beat quickened.

They completely revamped their whole sport product line! Which means that I needed to buy it ALL!!! ALL OF IT!!!!

Or maybe that's not realistic. I needed to buy as much as the cash in my wallet would allow me to buy :)

After painstakingly deciding which products to buy, and which ones I would have to leave at the store (I will come back for you Acai Berry Sport Optimizer! Please wait for me my beloved!), I headed to the check out with these:

Endurance gel in Orange Zest flavour

2 Protein bars (chocolate saviseed & chocolate coconut) & 1 Endurance bar (mocha)

Performance protein in chocolate flavour

Electrolyte hydrator in lemon lime flavor
1. I don't know exactly what Electrolyte hydrator is.
2. I know that I NEED it :)
The check out girl also gave me a copy of Alive magazine!

Overall, a very successful day!
Happy living, 


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