Sunday, 7 August 2011

Today was a bit of a down day for my family and I...
Sometimes when the little things (like baking, cooking, running, etc) just aren't enough to bring my spirits up,  I like to look forward to some of the bigger events coming my way. It's time to stop looking back, and look forward to all the good things the next year is going to bring:

My wonderful mom coming to visit me in Montreal next week.
Training, competing, living the dream.
Sooo not my favourite picture, but you get the idea :)
Going to Toronto to visit the bf and watch Cirque de Soleil circus.
Turning 19 this September.
Time goes so fast! This is me ten years ago!
Continue studying towards my degree in Nutrition at Mcgill University.

Visiting my family back home in Northern Canada!
Welcoming Winter
 And all the tasty recipes that go along with it.
Ringing in the new year...2012!
Rejoicing at the end of all this snow! It's Spring!
The month of March, AKA month of birthdays. My mother, grandpa, sister, and boyfriend, all getting older! Time to bust out the baking pans!
Okay you got me, maybe my cakes aren't quite this elaborate... This is much more my style.
Visiting my sister.
Oh wow, how is this the only picture I can can find right now of us together? It's like the picture gods decided it is embarrassment day!
On the left is my beautiful, blond, free spirited sister. On the right is...some weird person.

So how can anyone with these amazing things on their schedule (cupcakes, birthdays, an awesome family, and a CIRCUS!) be feeling the least bit down?
I'm feeling better already! :)
Happy living,


Anonymous said...

I felt my spirits lift just looking at those photos and that gorgeous scenery! Oh wow. I would definitely love to visit Hawaii one day and enjoy the beach after being in the desert so long (a week in Vegas) ;)

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