Monday, 25 July 2011

Muffins made pretty!

Happy Monday!! And what, I ask you, goes better with Monday than muffins? Pretty muffins of course!
And why not use these these printable muffin wrappers to beautify your own muffins? They also work great if you bake a batch of cupcakes. No child (or child at heart) will be able to resist your baking when you use these!

From foodartparty :

 From pixeltrashmania :

 Even more designs available at tipnut.

They would be perfect on any kind of muffin, but I'm eager to try them on Cinnamon swirl muffins, from fatfreevegan.

Happy living,


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Those cinnamon swirl muffins look dangerous.

Dangerously yummy ;)

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